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Qpad X5 Rugged Tablet

Product Name:Qpad X5 Rugged Tablet
Product Description:The QpadX5 is a high-precision rugged tablet designed for harshfield work. Connected to a high-accuracy GNSS module, the Qpad X5 can achieve 2cm accuracy RTK performance. With professional mobile GIS software, the Qpad X5 is the best choice for your GIS field work and industry solution.
Product type:
Year of introduction:2015
Main design elements:hardware
Total weight [kg]:0.72
Width [m]:0.22
Height [m]:0.135
Depth [m]:0.018
Resolution: horizontal pixels:
Resolution: vertical pixels:
Display: width [m]:
Display: height [m]:
Operation Characteristics 
Integrated sensors:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-30
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:60
Water and dust proof [IP]:67
Humidity resistance:
Shock proof:
Operation time per battery [hr]:10
Battery Field Replaceable:Y
Pole mount available:
GNSS Receiver 
GNSS Systems Supported:GPS; Glonass; Compass
Number of Channels:
Compatible GNSS correction signals:SBAS
Integrated SBAS:Y
Update Rate [Hz]:
Time to first fix after cold start [s]:30
Multipath Mitigation:
Compatible external GNSS receivers:
Stand alone positional accuracy [m]:
Horizontal uncertainty 
code: SBAS (constant part) [m]:1
code: SBAS (variable part) [ppm]:
phase: RTK kinematic (constant part) [m]:0.02
phase: RTK kinematic (variable part) [ppm]:
Name of GIS package:
Name of survey data collection software:Hi-Q
Import/Export Formats:
Map rotation:Y
Editing of points:Y
Editing of lines:Y
Editing of polygons:Y
Editing of attributes:Y
Sketching of notes on map:Y
Display of external data and photos:Y
Measurements: length:Y
Measurements: area:Y
Hard Disk:
Hard Disk [MB]:
Types of Replaceable Memory :
Built-in Camera: megapixels:
Audio: speaker:Y
Audio: microphone:Y
Range measurement:Y
Operating System:Android
Compatible total stations:
User Interfaces :
Wireless Data Transfer :
More information 
Main applications:Land Management; Electricity; Forest; Pineline; Municipality; Gas&oil; Mapping&charting; Public Safety
Distinguishable features:The Qpad X5 is a powerful, ultra-lightweight, easy-to-carry 7-inch tablet designed for reliable performance in demanding environments. The Qpad X5 runs Android 5.0 while providing a range of features and exceptional value to mobile workforces.

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