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Product Name:VG380ZA-400
Product Description:The MEMSIC VG380ZA is a miniature fullycalibrated Vertical Gyroscope designed for demanding embedded applications that require a complete dynamic measurement solution in a robust low-profile package. The VG380ZA provides a standard SPI bus for cost-effective board-to-board communications.
Year of last update:
Year of initial development:
System components:Accelerometer(s), Gyroscope(s)
Height [mm]:24.15
Width [mm]:37.7
Length [mm]:9.5
Weight [gr]:17
Power Supply  
Min. Voltage (DC):3.0
Max. Voltage (DC):5.5
Power consumption [W]:0.250
Non-operating shock tolerance [g]:
Operating shock tolerance [g]:
Min. operating temperature [C]:-40
Max. operating temperature [C]:85
Splashproof casting:N
Water resistant casting:N
Water resistance [m]:0
Casting and coating:Aluminum (Gold Anodized)
Heading static accuracy [ ° ]:
Heading dynamic accuracy [ ° ] :
Pitch and Roll static accuracy [ ° ]:0.2
Pitch and Roll dynamic accuracy [ ° ]:1.0
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:400
Interface types:Digital and/or Analog
Interfaces :UART
Other interfaces and additional information:SPI
Start up time [s]:
Output data formats:
Output frequency [ Hz ]:200
Num. of Gyroscopes :3
Range [± ° / sec]:400
Resolution [ ° / s ]:0.02
In-Run Bias Stability [ °/ hr]:10
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:50
Non-linearity [ % ]:0.1
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:
Num. of Accelerometers:3
Range [max g]:8
Resolution [mg]:0.5
In-Run Bias Stability [mg]:0.02
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:50
Non-linearity [ % ]:0.1
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:
Num. of Magnetometers:
Range [ ± Gauss ] :
Resolution [ microtesla ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ nT ]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:
Non-linearity [ max % ]:
Noise :
Temperature sensor 
Temperatue sensor:N
Temperature measurement range:
Resolution [ ° C ]:
Temperature measurement accuracy:
Pressure sensor 
Pressure sensor:N
Measurement range [ Pa ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ RMS Pa ] :
Accuracy pressure sensor:
Additional specifications 
Distinguishable features :NAV-VIEW provides an easy to use graphical interface to display, record, playback, and analyze all of the IMU380ZA Inertial Measurement System parameters. NAV-VIEW can also be used to set a wide range of user-configurable fields in the IMU380ZA to optimize the system performance for highly dynamic applications.
Application:Unmanned Vehicle Control, Uncertified Avionics, Platform Stabilization, Robotics Control

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  • One Tech Drive - suite 325
  • Ma 01810 Andover
  • Massachusetts
  • United States of America



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