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Product Name:Micromac-1000
Product Description:
Area of application:Water quality monitoring
Year of initial development::1990
Year of latest version:2010
Field of Use:Water quality monitoring stations Ferrybox systems
Sensor type:Nitrate
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM memory [GB]:
HD [GB]:
Operating System:
Dedicated software:
Processor (CPU):
Software:LFA control pannel otionally supplied for local and remote management by an external PC
Power supply and communication 
Power supply min. [V]:11
Power supply max. [V]:13
Operating current [Amp]:0.85
Output interface {eg. rs232}:RS-232
Output format {eg. ascii}:ASCII
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:13
Weight in water [kg]:
Width [m]:0.11
Length [m]:0.55
Material:Stainless steel (container) Teflon, Viton, silicone (hydraulics)
Min. operating temperature [°C] :6
Max. operating temperature [°C] :25
Max. operating depth [m]:
Mounting possibilities:On a table in an uindustrial rack
CO2 sensor specifications 
CO2 sensor type:
Range [ppm]:
Accuracy [%]:
Resolution [ppm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading}:
Oxygen sensor specifications 
Oxygen sensor type:
Response time [sec]:
Range [μatm]:
Accuracy [μatm]:
Resolution [μatm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading):
Methane sensor specifications 
Methane sensor type:
Range [μatm]:
Accuracy [μatm]:
Resolution [μatm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading):
Turbidity sensor specifications 
Turbidity sensor type:
Range [NTU]:
Accuracy [NTU or % of reading]:
Resolution [NTU]:
LED wave length min. [nm]:
LED wave length max. [nm]:
PH sensor specifications 
pH sensor type:
pH reference sensor:
Range [pH]:
Accuracy [pH]:
Resolution [pH]:
Temperature compensation:
Pressure sensor specifications 
Pressure sensor type:
Range [bar]:
Line pressure Max [bar]:
Accuracy [% of span]:
Resolution [% of span]:
Drift [% for time]:
Nitrate sensor specifications 
Nitrate sensor type:Wet chemistry by VCl3 reduction and NED-SAA spectrophotometric method
Range of detection max. [µM]:3500
Accuracy [± µM]:0.15
Initial accuracy {±% of reading}:5
resolution [µM]:0.05
Additional sensors 
Additional sensors:NO2, wet chemistry by NED-SAA spectrophotometric method PO4, wet chemistry by Molibdenum blue spectrophotometric method NH3, wet chemistry by OPA fluorimetric method
Additional information:Please refer to Web site
More information 
Distinguishable features:Multiparametric portable and on-line analyzer, up to four parameters in one unit Compact size 12 Vd c power supply

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Supplier Information
  • SYSTEA S.p.A.

  • Via Fratta Rotonda Vado Largo, 2A
  • 03012 Anagni
  • FR
  • Italy



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