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ZERO220 Wide Angle Reflecting Target

Product Name:ZERO220 Wide Angle Reflecting Target
Product Description:
Year of introduction :2017
Type specification:Double sided, Monitoring prism, 360 degrees
Length [mm]:82
Width [mm]:93
Height [mm]:60
Diameter of Prism [mm]:55
Weight [g]:196
Axis height [mm]:30
Anti-Reflex Coating:N
Coating :Silver coating
Housing material:ABS, NBR
Thread for GNSS receiver:N
Holder and Mounting 
Holder description:Lock screw for Mini Pole is located at the rear side of prism.
Holder can tilt :N
Max. tilt axis [degrees]:
Holder can turn:N
Max. turn [degrees]:
Mounting possibilites and/or thread:1. RTK or Prism Pole : Mountable with adapter as standard. 2. 9mm dia. Mini Pole : Attachable and Slidable 3. GNSS instruments : Mountable with adapter
Accuracy and Reflector Constant 
Centering accuracy [mm] :
Reflector constant [mm] :0
More information 
Distinguishable features :1. Repairable : Replaceable 5 surrounded prisms 2. Prism constant : 0mm 3. Wide reflecting angle : 220 degree
More information:> Usable as Back sight prism. > Available to use as Monitoring Prism.

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