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Product Name:400HVG
Product Description:
Year of introduction :
Year of last update:
Application:Indoor and Outdoor
Working directions:Horizontal, Vertical, Manual configurable slope
Length [m]:0.16
Width [m]:0.16
Height [m]:0.185
Weight [kg]:2
Dust & Water proof [IP] :IP54
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-20
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:50
Humidity range [%]:
Mounting possibilities:
Battery type:NI-MH rechargeable batteries
Max. operation time on one battery [hr]:20
Weight of battery [kg]:
Recharging time [hr]:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating diameter [m]:500
Height accuracy [specify distance and deviation]:±1mm/10m
Configurable for machine control:
Dual Slope:N
Remote control:Y
Range of remote control [m]:
Configurable settings through remote control :
Auto Dial in grade [allows for a % or slope to be dialled by using a (remote) keypad]:Y
Wavelength [nm] :635
Laser Class:Class II
Rotation speed [Max. rps]:600
Automatic Tilt Compensation 
Self levelling:Y
Self levelling range [ ± in ° ]:5
Compensation mechanism and type:
Receivers and Detectors 
Receivers for machine control available:N
Available Detectors:Comes with detector
Levels of precision of available models:
More information 
Main applications :Construction, Levelling
Distinguishable features :1. Extremely quick automatic self-leveling for horizontal and vertical working. 2. Electronic self-leveling,wide leveling range,high precision and stability. 3. With rotating,spot and scan function for option and speed can be change. 4.Sealed structure for use in various weather condition

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