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Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping System

Product Name:Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping System
Description:TIMMS is a manually operated push-cart designed to accurately model interior spaces without accessing GPS. Designed for ease-of-use and maneuverability, TIMMS is a high-productivity tool for accurately measuring, georeferencing and modeling interior spaces of any size and shape.
Year of introduction :2010
Year of last update:2015
Height [cm]:173
Width [cm]:51
Length [cm]:80
Water sand and dust proof:
Humidity range:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:
Weight [kg]:49.5
Operation Characteristics 
Startup and initialization time [seconds]:
System and setup control:Realtime monitoring and control GUI
Real time visualization during scanning:
User interfaces:Integrated PC
Storage and transportation possibilities:
Power Supply  
Battery type [120 characters]:Hot swappable for unlimited operational time
Operating time on single battery [hr]:4
Positioning System 
SLAM algorithm implemented:
GNSS receiver type:Applanix POS LV
IMUs type:Various. See Applanix
Other positioning sensors and/or additional information:
Camera System  
Number of cameras:6
Brand and type:2 MegaPixel (MP) per camera
CCD size [.. x .. pixels]:
FoV per camera [horizontal in deg]:110
FoV per camera [vertical in deg]:
Maximum frames/sec. per camera :4
Export formats:jpeg
Intensity coding [bit]:
Laser Scanner 
Number of laser scanners:1
Brand and type:See Applanix.
Wavelength [nm]:
Laser safety classification:Class 1, eye-safe
Range precision [1 sigma in mm]:
Absolute accuracy [1 sigma in mm]:30
Min. Range [m]:
Max Range [m]:130
Max. vertical field of view [deg]:300
Max. horizontal field of view [deg]:
Max. measurement rate [kHz]:
Scans per second:97
Data storage 
Data storage type [120 characters]:1 TB SSD
Max. data storage [Internal + External in Gb]:1000
Max. size of model [in million points]:
Software specifications 
Software name:
Output data [point cloud, images, mesh, ...]:Georeferenced trajectory in SBET format. Georeferenced point cloud in ASPRS LAS format. Georeferenced spherical imagery in JPEG format. Georeferenced raster 2D floorplan
Output file formats:
More information 
Main applications:Interior Mapping of Existing Facilities - 2D and 3D, Wide Area Indoor Mapping i.e. Urban Mapping
Training facilities:Training provided
Distinguishable features:High accuracy, high efficiency, fast - complete 75,000 square feet of space in a single day, simple workflow with quick data turnaround

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Supplier Information
  • Applanix

  • 85 Leek Crescent
  • L4B 3B3 Richmond Hill
  • Ontario
  • Canada



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