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Heron AC-1

Product Name:Heron AC-1
Product Description:HERON® is the professional indoor/outdoor mobile mapping system able to make your 3D survey activity efficacy and powerful. Light, portable and easy to use. It doesn’t need trolleys, it doesn’t require GPS/GNSS sensors or frequent calibration stops, and it is equipped with a powerful control unit. By using a backpack (not indispensable) you make your HERON® experience easy and not tiring. HERON® can be used almost anywhere (especially where a static scanner is impossible or difficult to use and when you need a quick 3D view of big areas) and it is revolutionary in underground sites. Features: 3D MAPPING IN REAL TIME. AUTOMATIC LOCALIZATION. REAL TIME CHANGE DETECTION. UNIQUE INTERNAL ALGORITHM
Year of introduction :2016
Year of last update:2017
Applications:Indoor and Outdoor
Height [cm]:75
Width [cm]:31
Length [cm]:9
Water sand and dust proof:
Humidity range:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-10
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:40
Weight [kg]:6
Operation Characteristics 
Startup and initialization time [seconds]:30
System and setup control:Through external touch screen control unit and internal Control unit data storage
Real time visualization during scanning:Y
User interfaces:Users are guided through a really easy to use interface. Get your scans work faster and precise than ever with 2 simple steps: 1) On site real Time visualisation, georeferencing and check of the 3D acquisition (thanks to 3D local maps generation ) 2) In your office place, import your Data in the Heron Desktop software and get high accuracy global optimization. Thanks to the JRC 3D Reconstruction integration button you can also merge Heron 3D pointcloud with other high resolution tripod scans. 3: (OPTIONAL STEP) Heron owns an unique plus, the tracking mode! Thanks to this HERON® will compare the 3D point cloud model with the new acquisitions and it will give you the right position in real time, in this way you can easily check in real time the changes between the actual geometry and the previously surveyed one! what we call Change detection
Storage and transportation possibilities:Yes, Resin Wheeled Case 69x45x30 cm
Power Supply  
Battery type [120 characters]:NiMH Battery, 12V 9Ah
Operating time on single battery [hr]:3
Positioning System 
SLAM algorithm implemented:Y
GNSS receiver type:NA
IMUs type:
Other positioning sensors and/or additional information:ADDITIONAL 360° panoramic camera
Camera System  
Number of cameras:1
Brand and type:
CCD size [.. x .. pixels]:
FoV per camera [horizontal in deg]:360
FoV per camera [vertical in deg]:58
Maximum frames/sec. per camera :60
Export formats:
Intensity coding [bit]:
Laser Scanner 
Number of laser scanners:1
Brand and type:Velodyne HDL-32E
Wavelength [nm]:903
Laser safety classification:Class 1
Range precision [1 sigma in mm]:
Absolute accuracy [1 sigma in mm]:20
Min. Range [m]:1
Max Range [m]:100
Max. vertical field of view [deg]:41
Max. horizontal field of view [deg]:360
Max. measurement rate [kHz]:
Scans per second:700000
Data storage 
Data storage type [120 characters]:HD SSD
Max. data storage [Internal + External in Gb]:256
Max. size of model [in million points]:
Software specifications 
Software name:Heron Desktop
Output data [point cloud, images, mesh, ...]:Point cloud
Output file formats: E57, las, ply
More information 
Main applications:Facility management - Security (change detection) - Fast survey for surveying costs evaluation - Underground mines survey - Stock piles fast surveying - Industrial and nuclear plants surveying and tracking
Training facilities:- Integration with point clouds coming from static, mobile, handheld scanners and UAV data
Distinguishable features:3D MAPPING IN REAL TIME Visualize in real time the result of your surveying directly on the control unit AUTOMATIC LOCALIZATION Automatically get your position without using control points or GPS/GNSS REAL TIME CHANGE DETECTION Check and vizualize in real time the differences respect to a previous surveying UNIQUE ALGORITHM Patented approach to reduce the drift effect by a global 3D optimization - Based on an innovative technology developed under a license of the European Commission Joint Research Centre. Industrialized and optimized for the market by Gexcel Srl.

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Supplier Information
  • Gexcel Srl

  • Via Branze, 45 25123 Brescia
  • 25123 Brescia
  • BS
  • Italy



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