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HX-CH6601A Helix/UAV Antenna

Product Name:HX-CH6601A Helix/UAV Antenna
Product Description:HX-CH6601A is a GPS L1\L2、GLONASS L1\L2 and BDS B1/B2 bands Helix antenna, which is designed for UAV system and other mobile devices. It can be used in aerial photographs, telemetry technology, disaster monitoring, traffic patrol, security monitoring applications. This Helix antenna has exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor. Antenna element has high gain and wide beam width to ensure the signal receiving performance of satellite at low elevation angle. HX-CH6601A is equipped with an O-ring that makes the antenna waterproof grade can reach IP65 once installed on a mating surface.
Type:Aerial, Land
Year of introduction:2015
Height [m]:0.059
Depth [m]:
Width [m]:0.0275
Total weight [kg]:0.019
Certifications:CE FCC
Housing and finish material:Plastic
Design keywords:Anti-Jam, Fixed-reference, Geodetic Antenna, Rugged, High vibration resistant
Multipath rejection techniques and methods:Via special circuit design
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:70
Max operational altitude [m]:
Humidity resistance:95% No-condensing
Water sand and dust proof:IP67
Shock and vibration proof:
ROHS compliance:Y
WEEE compliance:
Min. operating power [V]:3
Max. operating power [V]:12
Typical consumption [W]:
Connection/cable for power:
Tracked signals 
Tracked satellite signals:GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Type of GPS measurements:L1, L2
Type of GLONASS measurements:L1, L2
Type of Galileo measurements:
Type of Beidou measurements:B1, B2
Type of SBAS measurements:
Signal gain [dB]:33
Noise figure [max dB]:2.0
Amplifier description:LNA
Max cable length [m]:
TNC female:
SMA male:Y
Other Connectors:
More information 
Distinguishable features :● Support GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2 and BDS B1/B2 bands. ● High stability and high repeatability at phase center. ● Antenna with high gain can has a superior tracking performance at low elevation angle. ● Very low noise figure. ● GIS&RTK applications. ● Ground plane independent. ● Ultra light weight :19g.

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