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Product Name:Clariscan
Product Desciption:Clariscan combines Kongsberg Mesotech's wide bandwidth composite transducer technology with a patented acoustic lens to provide exceptional image quality. Previous versions of domed sonar introduced beam defocusing in two conditions, warm & shallow and cold & deep. The beam defocusing effect becomes more extreme in warm shallow water as temperature increases and more extreme in cold deep water as depth increases. The Clariscan acoustic lens maintains beam focus through the entire operational temperature and depth range, significantly improving sonar performance and resulting in images that are much sharper.
Year of initial development:2014
Receive array length [m]:
Receive array width [m]:
Receive array height [m]:
Transmit array length [m]:
Transmit array width [m]:
Transmit array height [m]:
Receive array weight in air [kg]:
Transmit array weight in air [kg]:
Sonar Details 
Max. depth [m]:4000
Min. frequency [Hz]:330000
Max. frequency [Hz]:1100000
Typical range [m]:150
Minimal detectable range [m]:0.5
Max. number of beams:1
Min. horizontal beam width [deg]:0.8
Max. horizontal beam width [deg]:2.7
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:16
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:36
Min. pulse length [µs]:5
Max. pulse length [µs]:1000
Max. update rate [Hz]:
Range resolution [m]:0.00375
Min. DC power [V]:22
Max. DC power [V]:26
Min. AC power [V]:
Max. AC power [V]:
Max. power consumption [W]:18
Data Processing 
Data processing software:MS 1000 Software
Operating system:Windows 7
Minimal hardware requirements:
Data storage capacity [Gb]:
External data storage options:
Interface options:
Motion correction:RS 232 / RS 485
Other specifications 
Carrier options:AUV, fixed, ROV
Mount options:
Connector options:Consult factory
Main applications:Obstacle avoidance Site inspection Navigation Search & recovery Structure visualization

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