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Product Name:CONTROS HydroC CO2
Product Description:The CONTROS HydroC® CO2 sensor is a unique and versatile underwater carbon dioxide sensor for in-situ and online measurements of dissolved CO2 . The CONTROS HydroC® CO2 is designed to be used on different platforms following different deployment schemes.
Area of application:
Year of initial development::
Year of latest version:
Field of Use:Moving platform installations, such as ROV/ AUV, long term deployments on seabed observatories, buoys and moorings as well as profiling applications using water sampling rosettes.
Sensor type:CO2
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM memory [GB]:2
HD [GB]:0.2
Operating System:Win 7 32 Bit
Dedicated software:Y
Processor (CPU):
Software:CONTROS DETECT® incl. real-time data visualization, setting of sensor parameters (e.g. measuring intervals, internal data logger settings, sleep mode function) supported by a mission planning tool; data download from internal logger
Power supply and communication 
Power supply min. [V]:11
Power supply max. [V]:30
Operating current [Amp]:
Output interface {eg. rs232}:RS-232C and RS-485
Output format {eg. ascii}:ASCII
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:4.5
Weight in water [kg]:2.2
Width [m]:0.089
Length [m]:0.38
Min. operating temperature [°C] :-2
Max. operating temperature [°C] :35
Max. operating depth [m]:6000
Mounting possibilities:By ROV and AUV installation packages. In profiling and mooring frames.
CO2 sensor specifications 
CO2 sensor type:Dissolved CO2 molecules diffuse through a custom made thin film composite membrane into the internal gas circuit leading to a detector chamber, where the partial pressure of CO2 is determined by means of IR absorption spectrometry. Concentration dependent IR light intensities are converted into the output signal from calibration coefficients stored in firmware and data from additional sensors within the gas circuit.
Range [ppm]:
Accuracy [%]:
Resolution [ppm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading}:1
Oxygen sensor specifications 
Oxygen sensor type:
Response time [sec]:
Range [μatm]:
Accuracy [μatm]:
Resolution [μatm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading):
Methane sensor specifications 
Methane sensor type:
Range [μatm]:
Accuracy [μatm]:
Resolution [μatm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading):
Turbidity sensor specifications 
Turbidity sensor type:
Range [NTU]:
Accuracy [NTU or % of reading]:
Resolution [NTU]:
LED wave length min. [nm]:
LED wave length max. [nm]:
PH sensor specifications 
pH sensor type:
pH reference sensor:
Range [pH]:
Accuracy [pH]:
Resolution [pH]:
Temperature compensation:
Pressure sensor specifications 
Pressure sensor type:
Range [bar]:
Line pressure Max [bar]:
Accuracy [% of span]:
Resolution [% of span]:
Drift [% for time]:
Nitrate sensor specifications 
Nitrate sensor type:
Range of detection max. [µM]:
Accuracy [± µM]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading}:
resolution [µM]:
Additional sensors 
Additional sensors:
Additional information:
More information 
Distinguishable features:Analog output: 0 V - 5 V. Internal data logger. External battery packs. ROV and AUV installation packages. Profiling and mooring frames. CO2 flow through sensor for underway (FerryBox) and lab applications. External pump (SBE-5T or SBE-5M). Easy deployment together with a CONTROS HydroFlash® O2.

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