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Product Name:AGI-4
Product Description:The AGI-4's all-in-one, modular design incorporates the antenna, receiver and steering controller in a single component, offering unmatched upgradeability. AGI-4’s steering system features state-of-the-art inertial sensors and full terrain compensation for superior line acquisition and holding capabilities.
Year of initial introduction :
Height [m]:
Depth [m]:
Width [m]:
Material:Powder-coated, cast aluminum, plastic dome
Mounting possibilities:
Power Supply  
Min. operating power [V]:7
Max. operating power [V]:26
Typical consumption [W]:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:80
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:-40
Humidity resistance:
Water sand and dust proof:
Shock and vibration proof:DIN 40046
Max. simultaneous tracked channels:
Tracked satellite signals:GPS, GLONASS
SBAS differential signals:WAAS EGNOS
Type of measurements:
Update Rate [Hz]:
Reacqisition time [s]:
Time to first fix after cold start [s]:
Multipath Mitigation:
Horizontal uncertainty 
DGNSS/RTC horizontal accuracy (constant part) [m]:
DGNSS/RTC horizontal accuracy (constant part) [ppm]:
DGNSS speed accuracy [km/h]:
Omnistar horizontal accuracy (constant part) [m]:
Omnistar horizontal accuracy (variable part) [ppm]:
Omnistar speed accuracy [km/h]:
RTK horizontal accuracy (constant part) [m]:
RTK horizontal accuracy (variable part) [ppm]:
RTK speed accuracy [km/h]:
Terrain compensation / INS 
Terrain compensation module:Internal
Number of integrated gyroscopes:3
Number of RS-232 ports:2
Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces [ISOBUS]:Y
Deutsch DTM:Y
Other connectors or connector specifications:Ethernet and Steering controller
Communication and data 
Radio modem:
Radio modem description :
Cellular modem:Y
Cellular description:Easily upgradable for RTK correction signals.
L-Band Compatible:
L-band frequency band:
RTCM input:
CMR input:
Other input formats for differential data:
NMEA output messages/standards:
Other output protocols:
Compatibility and Interoperability 
Compatible consoles:
Compatible field computers:

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