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Vantage Laser Tracker

Product Name:Vantage Laser Tracker
Product Description:
Height [m]:0.416
Depth [m]:
Width [m]:0.224
Total weight [kg]:12.6
Operation Characteristics 
Mobile System:Y
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-15
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:50
Mounting possibilities:
Automatic beam capture:Quick and efficiently locates and locks on target
Humidity range [%] :0 to 95% non-condensing
Battery and Power 
External power:
Battery type:
Operation time on fully charged battery [h]:
Number of beams:2
Wavelength min. [nm]:633
Wavelength max.[nm] :635
Laser safety classification :2
Min. working range [m] :0
Max. working range [m]:80
Interferometer :
Resolution Interferometer:
Accuracy Interferometer:
Azimuth Range [º] :360
Elevation Range [º] :130
Angular resolution :
Angular accuracy :20µm + 5µm/m
Maximum angular velocity [º/second]:180
Resolution Distance measurement[µm] :0.5
Accuracy Distance measurement:16μm + 0.8μm/m
Sample rate :10,000 points/sec
Internal Camera:Y
Internal Camera description :30 ° field of view
Internal Level :Y
Internal Level accuracy:±2 arcseconds
Temperature Sensor :Y
Pressure Sensor:
Humidity Sensor:
System Control and Use 
Remote Control:N
Voice Control :N
SMRs included in standard package:
Active targets available:
Other available SMRs :Three models: - Standard Accuracy (Black Ring). - Long Range (Green Ring). - High Performance (Blue Ring); High performance model is 80% more accurate than Heavy Duty break resistant SMRs
Tripod included :
Included accessories :
Optional accessories:
Data and Software 
WiFi :Y
Bluetooth :N
Output data:
Data storage:
Ports and interfaces:
Software standard included:
Software name:CAM2
Software capabilities:Seamless connection to FARO hardware devices, Direct measurement mode, Automatic Projection Plane mode, QuickTools programming module, Tube measurement, Easily align to part, Live feedback during measurement, Guided Geometry Measurement, Repeated part measurement
Output formats:Import CAD files Export measurement results to CAD Export Point Cloud to mesh Export CAD as XGL
Main users :
Main applications :Large part inspection, alignment, tool building and setup, machine and robot calibration, dimensional analysis, CAD based inspection
Distinguishable features :
Training facilities:

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Supplier Information
  • FARO Europe

  • Lingwiesenstr. 11/2
  • 70825 Korntal-Münchingen
  • Germany



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