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Product Name:MRU 5
Product Description:The MRU 5 is the ideal sensor for motion compensation of multi-beam echo sounders, offshore cranes, hydroacoustic positioning systems and dynamic motion monitoring of roll, pitch and linear accelerations on offshore structures. The MRU 5 incorporates three highly accurate accelerometers and three high-end Kongsberg Seatex developed Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Structures (MEMS) gyros of type MRG (MRU Rate Gyro). The MRG gyro combines low noise, excellent bias stability and gain accuracy. Very high reliability is achieved by using solid state sensors with no rotational or mechanical wearout parts.
Height [m]:0.014
Weight in water [kg]:
Material :Anodised Aluminium
Min. Voltage (AC):
Max. Voltage (AC):
Min. Voltage (DC):10
Max. Voltage (DC):36
Power consumption [W]:12
Min. operating temperature [°C] :-5
Max. operating temperature [°C] :55
Splashproof casting:Y
Water resistant casting :N
Water resistance [m]:
Vibration and operating shock tolerance : IEC 60945/EN 60945
Electromagnetic compatibility : IEC 60945/EN 60945
Mounting orientation :No limitation to mounting orientation
Roll and Pitch Output 
Roll and pitch measurement:Y
Angle accuracy static in ° [RMS]:0.02
Angle accuracy dynamic in ° [RMS]:0.02
Resolution angle [°]:0.001
Angular roll/pitch range [°]:360
Angular rate range [°/s]:150
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:
Heave Output 
Resolution heave [m] :0.01
Samples p/second:
Max. output heave range [m]:100
Output period real time [s]:25
Heave accuracy real time [%]:5
Output period delayed [s]:50
Heave accuracy delayed [%]:2
Acceleration Output 
Acceleration measurement:Y
Acceleration range m/s2 :60
Acceleration noise m/s2 RMS:0.002
Acceleration accuracy m/s2 RMS :0.01
Interfaces and Data 
Ethernet port:Y
RS232 output:Y
RS422 output:Y
Other output ports:Analog,
Data output rate:200 Hz
Data output protocols/formats :MRU normal, Atlas Fansweep, NMEA proprietary, TSS1, Sounder, Seapath binary 23, EM3000 & PFreeHeave®. The MRU 5 outputs roll, pitch and yaw angles and corresponding angular rate vectors. The unit outputs relative (dynamic) heave, surge and sway positions, velocities and accelerations in adjustable frames. Output protocols for commonly used survey equipment are available on two individually configurable serial lines and Ethernet/UDP.
Velocity input data and formats :
Heading input data and formats :

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