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Nortek DVL 1000

Product Name:Nortek DVL 1000
Product Description:The Nortek DVL is available as two models, the 1 MHz and 500 kHz. These two DVLs differ primarily in the operational depth and the expected bottom track range. Below you will find an overview of the features and benefits of the DVL. The data specification sheets for the 1MHz model and the 500 kHz model provide detailed figures for performanc
Year of introduction:2015
System components:
Physical Properties  
Width/Diameter [m]::0.135
Length [m]:
Height [m]:0.148
Weight in air [kg]:2.0
Weight in water [kg]:0.9
Housing material:Titanium
Min. operating depth [m]:
Max. operating depth [m]:1000
Operation Characteristics 
Platforms [ROV, submarines]:Suitable for all underwater vehicles
Mounting possibilities:Bolt-mounted from either the bottom or the head
Operating temperature min [°c]:-4
Operating temperature max [°c]:40
Storage temperature min [°c]:-20
Storage temperature max [°c]:60
Shock and vibration:
Min. external power DC [Voltage]:12
Max. external power DC [Voltage]:48
Max power consumption [W]:8
Average power consumption [W]:1.3
Number of concurrent power input ports:2
Acoustic Specifications 
Number of transducers:4
Number of beams:4
Transducer type:Janus array convex transducer
Max transmit power:217 dB ref 1uPa at 1m
Frequency operating range min.[kHz]:875
Frequency operating range max.[kHz]:1125
Vertical beam opening angle [°] :25
Beam width [°]:2.9
Individually replaceable transducers:Y
Water Velocity 
Velocity range [m/s]:16
Velocity resolution [mm/s]:0.01
Bottom Velocity 
Min. altitude [m]:0.2
Max. altitude [m]:50
Long term accuracy:±0.2% / ±0.1cm/s
Single Ping precision:0.5 cm/s at 3 m/s
Current Velocity 
Interval:User specified nth ping
Min. layer/cell size [m]:0.2
Max. layer/cell size [m]:2
Minimum range [m]:0.3
Maximum range [m]:30
Long term accuracy:1% of measured value or +/- 0.5m/s
Single ping precision :
Velocity resolution [m/s]:0.001
Temperature, Depth and other sensors 
Internal INS/IMU:N
Accuracy pitch and roll:
Internal compass:N
Accuracy compass:
Temperature sensor:Y
Accuracy temperature sensor:0.1°
Pressure sensor :Y
Accuracy pressure sensor:0.1% full scale
Other sensors:
Data Storage & Connectivity  
Communication [RS232, USB, Ethernet]:RS232 or RS485, 10/100 Mbits Auto MDI-X TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP protocols Fixed IP/DHCP client/AutoIP, UPnP
Connector type:Subcon 8p MCBH female (serial), Subcon 8p MCBH (Et
Data baud rates:300–1250000 baud (serial)
Number of possible concurrent outputs:3
Concurrent output specifications:3 dedicated ethernet port, UDP
Internal memory [Gb]:64
Type of internal memory:SD card
Requires separate software:N
Software name:
Time stamp in data:1 millisecond precision, IEEE1588/PTP for absolute
Trigger:1 millisecond precision, IEEE1588/PTP for absolute time stamping Internal 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 Hz Trigger option through command (Ethernet or serial) External TTL or 485 lines: - 1 input trigger (configurable Rising/Falling/Edge)
More information 
Distinguishable features:- small size - low power - long range - high precision - custom intergration

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