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Signature1000 | Signature500

Product Name:Signature1000 | Signature500
Product Description:Signature1000 and Signature500 are advanced five-beam current profiling systems. Built on the advanced AD2CP platform, Signature1000 and Signature500 are designed for unprecedented performance in high energy turbulent environments, while also giving users the freedom to employ two measurement schemes at one time. Altimeter data provides the user with a high-resolution distance measurement to the surface or the bottom.
Year of last update:2015
Length [m]:
Width [m]:0.220
Height [m]:0.274
Weight in air [kg]:8.20
Weight in water [kg]:1.45
Min. operating power [V]:12
Max. operating power [V]:48
Max. operating depth [m]:300
Max. battery lifetime [days]:1825
True Bottom Tracking Capability:
Max. speed of boat [km] :
Max. range to bottom [m]:
Doppler Current Profiler 
Center working frequency [kHz]:500-1000
Max. typical profiling range [m]:60
Number of beams:5
Nadir angle [deg]:25
Max. Number of cells per beam:200
Min. blanking distance [m]:0.1
Lost data at far boundary [%]:
Max. ping rate [Hz]:16
Min. vertical resolution [m]:0.2
Min. cell size [m]:0.2
Max. cell size [m]:4
Cell overlap [%]:
Max. velocity [m/s]:5
Speed dependent uncertainty: horizontal [%]:1
Speed independent uncertainty: horizontal [cm/s]:0.5
Speed dependent uncertainty: vertical [%]:
Speed independent uncertainty: vertical [cm/s]:
Surface reference capability:
Surface current measurement:
Compensation for sound speed:Y
Single ping rejection of outliers :
Uncertainty of single ping horizontal velocity for default cell size [cm/sec]:
Uncertainty of single ping vertical velocity for default cell size [cm/sec]:
Standard Sensors 
Temperature: min [°C]:-4
Temperature: max. [°C]:40
Temperature: uncertainty [°C]:0.1
Tilt: max. [deg]:360
Tilt: uncertainty [deg]:2
Compass type :Solid State
Deployment method 
Moving vessel:
Bottom mount:Y
Inline string mooring:Y
Data Buoy:Y
Marine structures:Y
Auxiliary Sensors 
Acoustic modem:
Relocation of transponder:
Wave direction:Y
Speed of sound:Y
Other specifications 
Real-time interfacing:
Min. external power [Voltage]:
Max. external power [Voltage]:
Max. cable length [m]:
Baudrate [kbit/s]:
External battery container:
Data acquisition software and processing software:
Typical applications:Bottom mount, fixed structure

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