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Product Name:Subsonus
Product Description:Subsonus is a next generation USBL underwater acoustic positioning system that provides high accuracy position, velocity and heading at depths of up to 1000 metres. The system features an industry leading calibrated hydrophone array combined with an internal tightly coupled INS, all packed into a miniature titanium enclosure small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Date of first release:2014
Mounting and deployment 
Mounting:Hull mounted & Portable
Physical properties of transducer head 
Diameter [mm]:106
Height [m]:82
Min. external power [Voltage]:9
Max. external power [Voltage]:60
Max power consumption [W]:8
Used Sonar Methods 
Type of system:Broadband Phase Coherent Signal
System Parameters 
Frequency {kHz}:22-38
Spread spectrum technology:Y
Min. operation range {m}:0.25
Max. operation range {m}:1000
Operation beam angle {deg}:300
Angle accuracy (degr) @ 20 dB:0.1
Focussed beam forming:Y
Horizontal accuracy (in % of the water depth):
Vertical accuracy (in % of the water depth):
Focussed beam angle {degr}:
Number of active elements:8
Number of transponder channels:255
Multi user functionality:Y
Speed of sound 
Ray tracing:Y
Real-time integration of SV-profile:Y
Motion compensation 
Motion sensors compatible to the system::Built in INS
Advanced Navigation GPS Compass
Advanced Navigation Spatial Dual
Third Party NMEA 0183 GPS/INS
Required pitch uncertainty [deg}:0.1
Required roll uncertainty [deg]:0.1
Required heave uncertainty [m]:0.05
Compatible hardware:Advanced Navigation ILU
All NMEA 0183 Compatible Hardware
Compatible software:Advanced Navigation Subsonus Web Interface
All NMEA 0183 Compatible Software
Advanced Navigation Subsonus Royalty Free SDK
Real-time access procedure:Ethernet Interface
TCP Data Output
Web User Interface
Inertial interfacing:Y
Dimensions {mm}:106
Dry weight {kg}:0.78
Depth rating {m}:1000
Additional functions:Simultaneous communication and positioning
Inside deployment pole available:Y
Diam gate valve {mm}:110
Outside deployment pole available:Y
Recommended distance below keel {m}:2
Maintenance criteria 
Mean time before failure [hr}:
Mean time to repair [hr]:17520
More information 
Distinguishable features :Fully Integrated with internal GPS/INS
Integrated GPS Antenna
Integrated Pressure Depth Sensor

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