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Product Name:FLS
Product Desciption:
Year of initial development:2011
Receive array length [m]:0.236
Receive array width [m]:0.154
Receive array height [m]:0.064
Transmit array length [m]:0
Transmit array width [m]:0
Transmit array height [m]:0
Receive array weight in air [kg]:2.3
Transmit array weight in air [kg]:0
Sonar Details 
Max. depth [m]:6000
Min. frequency [Hz]:360
Max. frequency [Hz]:440
Typical range [m]:150
Minimal detectable range [m]:0.2
Max. number of beams:256
Min. horizontal beam width [deg]:0.9
Max. horizontal beam width [deg]:0.9
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:1.9
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:27
Min. pulse length [µs]:10
Max. pulse length [µs]:500
Max. update rate [Hz]:50
Range resolution [m]:0.01
Min. DC power [V]:10
Max. DC power [V]:29
Min. AC power [V]:110
Max. AC power [V]:220
Max. power consumption [W]:28
Data Processing 
Data processing software:All types
Operating system:Windows 7
Minimal hardware requirements:i3
Data storage capacity [Gb]:0
External data storage options:Various
Interface options:LAN 10/100 (FO & Coax optional)
Motion correction:No
Other specifications 
Carrier options:AUV, fixed, ROV, towed, vessel
Mount options:Misc
Connector options:LAN RJ45, FO, Coax
Main applications:Forward looking, obstacle avoidance, search & recovery, automated change detection, leakage detection

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