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Pythagoras CAD

Product Name:Pythagoras CAD
Product Description:Pythagoras focuses on delivering its users the best CAD & GIS experience possible In order to accomplish this, we listen to what clients, partners, schools and employees think CAD & GIS software should be able to do.
Year of introduction :1991
Year of last update :2015
Supported hardware :Total Station GPS Laser Scanner Mobile Mapper Lidar Scanner Sonar Single beam Multi beam Drones UAV UAS (point clouds)
Supported operation system:Windows
Type of data storage:File, Database
Native storage format:.PYT
Input Formats:dwg, dxf, shape, GeoTiff, SID, jpg, others
Export formats:dwg, dxf, shape, KML, GeoTiff, jpg, others
GML version:
Web standards:WMS
Spatial database management systems:None
Messaging protocols:XML
Publish standards:KML
Available API’s:
Data management 
Security options for access:N
Search on file content:Y
Version management:Y
Save standardization for drawings/maps :Drawing layers, Styles, Settings, Symbols, User-defined objects, Others
Spatial reference system:From data source, Selectable, Fixed, Manual georeferencing, Others
Geometry types 
Points:Point, Symbol, Text, Others
Lines:Line segment, Polyline, Arc, Others
Surfaces:Polygon, Circle, Others
2D Construction 
Positioning by coördinates:Y
Positioning by Dimensions:Y
Positioning by snapping:Y
Positioning on virtual raster:Y
Positioning in relation to other element:Parallel, Extend, Collinear, Perpendicular, Particular angle, Angle bisector, Tangent, Symmetric
2D Editing 
Select:By drawing attributes, Select by administrative attributes, Within buffer, Spatial selection, Multiple select, Others
Remove:By select, By attributes, By layer, Others
Graphic transformations:Scale, Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror, Align, Stretch, Drag and drop, Others
Coordinate transformations:Helmert Affine 2 point To other CRS
Data analysis 
Merge:Map layers
Measurement:Area, Length, Others
Topology :Build, Check, Clean
Tools to detect errors:Inconsistency in DTM
Types :Color, Pattern, Hatch, Gradient color
Change view:Zoomfactor, Target point, Twist angle
License or freeware:License
Main users:Surveyors,Uav,Drones,Engineers,Communities
Main applications:Pythagoras
Related products:
Distinguishable features:User-friendly, Standalone CAD package, All-in-one, 360°, Compatibility, Combine all datatypes including pointclouds and webservices.

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