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Product Name:S660
Product Description:During the Multiple constellation age, SOUTH keep developing and optimizing the innovative products for customers, SOUTH S660P Network RTK Receiver adopts intelligent cloud platform as its new engine, to lead the development or smart network RTK system.
Year of initial introduction :2014
Height [m]:
Depth [m]:
Width [m]:
Total weight [kg]:
Housing material:ABS industrial-level plastic
Operating power: min. [V]:
Operating power: max. [V]:
Typical consumption [W]:
Internal power supply:3.7V
External power supply:5.0V
Operating time with internal power supply [hr]:11
Rechargeable with (auto)battery :YES
Direct car connection cable available :NO
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-20
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:60
Humidity resistance:YES
Water sand and dust proof:YES
Shock and vibration proof:YES
ROHS compliance:Y
WEEE compliance:Y
Max. simultaneous tracked channels:
Tracked satellite signals:GPS:L1 C/A, L2E, L2C, L5, with carrier phase smoothing GLONASS:L1 C/A, L2 C/A BDS:B1, B2 Galileo:E1, E5A, E5B, E5AltBOC QZSS:L1 C/A, L1 SAIF, L2C, L5
SBAS differential signals:L1 C/A, L5
Type of measurements:full carrier phase
Reacqisition time [s]:1
RTK Network Compatibility:Y
MRS functionality:N
Horizontal uncertainty 
code: DGNSS/RTC (constant part) [m]:0.25
code: DGNSS/RTC (variable part) [ppm]:1
phase: RTK rapid static (constant part) [m]:
phase: RTK rapid static (variable part) [ppm]:
phase: RTK kinematic (constant part) [m]:0.008
phase: RTK kinematic (variable part) [ppm]:1
phase: static post processing (constant part) [m]:
phase: static post processing (variable part) [ppm]:
phase: kinematic post processing (constant part) [m]:
phase: kinematic post processing (variable part) [ppm]:
Initialization time on the fly [s]:8
Range on the fly [km]:30
RTK network solution methods:NRS;VRS;RTCM3
Memory medium :NO
Data capacity [MB]:0
Type of data (on board recording):NO
Data input :NO
Communication: general 
Communication ports:Mini USB2.0
Simultaneous links:Y
Bluetooth :Y
Communication: links 
Radio modems :NO
GSM; UMTS phone modems:NO
CDMA phone modems:NO
Landline modems:NO
Communication: Protocols 
RTCM standards for differential data:RTCM2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1
CMR standards for differential data:CMR, CMR+
Other formats for differential data:RTCA
NMEA output format:All standard NMEA format
other output formats:TSIP
L-Band Compatible:
Configuration method :mobile/PDA /PC/software and controller
More information 
Distinguishable features :Dual mode for bluetooth and enble to use variety of PDA mobile terminal with all kinds of operating system.

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Supplier Information

  • 2/F, Surveying Building (He Tian Building) - NO.26,Ke Yun Road
  • 510665 Guangzhou
  • China



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