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Product Name:UASMaster
Product Description:UASMaster is the right tool for complete processing of data acquired with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). UASMaster combines ease of use with the full power of a photogrammetric workstation. The software bridges the gap between simple near black-box workflows for non-photogrammetrists and photogrammetry expert workflows. UASMaster includes advanced technology that has been customized to provide high quality results from the special characteristics of UAS data. It easily integrates into the Inpho world of photogrammetry and 3rd party workflows
Year of introduction:2013
Year of last update:2014
Modular :No, All-In-One solution for UAS acquired imagery from georeferencing incl. camera calibration to point cloud matching and orthomosaicking including editing capability
Regional settings available:chinese, german, russian
License configuration:perpetual, demo, rental, bundle with UX5 hardware
Required Computer System 
System includes hardware:N
Operating system(s):Windows 7, Vista
CPU (min.):Quadcore
CPU (preferred):8 core or more ( 16 core support per license)
Min. RAM memory [Mb]:8000
Preferred RAM memory [Mb] :16000
64-bit version of software available:Y
Distributed processing capacity:N
GPU based calculations:N
Min. data storage capacity [Gb]:not applicable
Preferred data storage capacity [Gb]:not applicable
Min. graphic card:Nvidia Quadro
Preferred graphic card:Nvidia Quadro 4000
Supported special hardware:not applicable
User definable operations and extensions:not applicable
Viewing System 
Min. display memory [Mb] :not applicable
Pref. display memory [Mb]:not applicable
Resolution:not applicable
Method of stereo image separation:any major method supporting OpenGL quad buffered stereo
Images and data 
Supported image sources :Areal frame up to 40 Megapixels, acquired by any UAS hardware (fixed wing or multirotor platforms)
Input image formats:TIFF, JPEG
Export data formats :TIFF, JPEG, others
Scanned analogue Aerial Photos :
Digital Aerial Nadir Frames:
Oblique Images:
Linear array sensors :
Optical Satellite Images :
UAS Images :
Radar Images :
Image manipulation & processing 
Automatic contrast manipulations:Y
Spatial convolution:Y
Resampling :cubic
Radiometric corrections:Y
Radiometric adjustment for mosaicing:Y
Orientation and triangulation 
Automatic interior:Y
Automatic aerotriangulation:Y
Automated blunder detection :Y
Self calibration :Y
Automatic Relative:
images simultaneously processed:
DEMs & Orthoimages 
Automatic matching :point cloud matching using feature-based, area-based and cost-based (dense matching), DTM and DSM
Automatic breakline extraction :Y
Checking facilities (DEM editing) :Y
Automatic contour generation:Y
Mosaicing of orthoimages :Y
True orthoimage generation:Y
Dense DSM creating capability:Y
DSM to DTM filtering:Y
Automatic seam line creation:Y
Dense Image Matching:
Feature Extraction and Mapping 
Mapping facilities:Y
Semi-automatic corner point extraction:N
Semi-automatic line feature extraction:N
Semi-automatic building extraction:N
3D superimposition:Y
Integration with scanned maps :
Integration with 2D vector maps :
Integration with 3D vector maps :
Integration with point clouds :
Automatic Texturing :
Measurement tools 
More information 
Main applications :mapping; point cloud generation; orthophoto production typically for the following industries: forestry, agriculture, mining, utility and energy , urban development, defense, archaeology, environmental monitoring and disaster response
Distinguishable features:UAS processing solution with focus on photogrammetric tools and workflows, highly productive; high degree of automation; complete system; highly reliable accuracy; thorough quality analysis; open market concept (supporting any type or vendor of UAS platforms)

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Supplier Information
  • Trimble

  • 935 Stewart Drive
  • 94085 Sunnyvale
  • CA
  • United States of America



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