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StreetMapper IV

Product Name:StreetMapper IV
Product Description:StreetMapper first was released in 2004, the first Mobile Laser Scanning LiDAR system commercially available. Proven time and time again, the system is widely accepted in the survey business as one of the most reliable, accurate and robust MLS systems available. Following years of expertise and constant development, 3D Laser Mapping is proud to announce their next generation Mobile Mapping LiDAR System, ‘StreetMapperIV’. Survey grade accuracy and supreme reliability that has come to be expected from StreetMapper is now presented in an even more compact, customisable and easy to use system. Available in 3 options; survey grade (single or dual scanner) and GIS/Mapping grade. Each option is mountable on any moving platform and comes with the best technical support in the business.
Year of initial introduction:2005
Year of last update:2015
Dimensions & Environment 
Size with case :53 x 33 x 42cm
Weight [kg]:13
Min. Operation temp. [°C]:0
Max. Operation temp. [°C]:+40
Max. humidity [%]:80
GNSS receiver: Brand and model :NOVATEL/Septentrio
Number of antennas:1
Tracked GNSS signals:GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, BeiDou
Update rate of GNSS receiver:2
IMU: Brand and model :IGI - FOG III
IMU update rate [kHz]:600
Wheel sensor: Brand and model :Optical odometer
Number of wheel sensors:1
Ground control point integration supported:Y
Camera System  
Brand and model :Ladybug 5
Number of cameras:6
Spectral Bands [PAN, RGB, NIR, CIR]:RGB
CCD size [.. x .. pixels]:2048 x 2448
Pixel size [micron]:3.45
FoV per camera [deg]:360
Maximum frames/sec. per camera :16
Export formats:PGR, JPEG
Intensity coding {bit}:
Lidar Sensor 
Range precision (1 σ) :0.003
Number of laser scanners:2
Wavelength [nm]:1064
Laser safety classification:Class 1
Min. Range [m]:1.2
Max Range [m]:420
Beam diameter at exit [mm]:4.5
Beam divergence [mrad]:0.5
Spot at 50m distance [mm]:25
Intensity recording [bit] :16
Max. vertical field of view [deg]:360
Max. measurement rate [kHz]:2000
Scans per second:500
Export formats:LAS, interface to 3rd party software
Absolute accuracy (1 σ): :0.005
Measurements per laser pulse:2000
Control Unit 
Processor:Intel(R), Core(TM) i7-4770TE CPU @ 2.30GHZ
Size hard disk [GB]:1000
WiFi :Y
I/O port(s) :LAN, USB 3.0
Included Processing Software 
Photogrammetry Software:Yes, TerraPhoto
Laser Point Clouds Software:MMProcess
Project Management Software:MMProcess
Other Software:TERRAOffice, GrafNav, TerraSolid
Recommended software (If no software included):TERRAOffice, GrafNav, Terrasolid, Orbit
Max. speed [km/hr]:300
Operating time [hr]:24
Built-in Stabilisation :N
Distinguishing features :Precise navigation system World-class Laser scanning technology Innovative system design Advanced data processing software Supplied and supported by mobile mapping experts Easily transportable System fitted inside a Portable protective fiberglass POD. Single cable connection to control unit.
Main Applications :Highway maintenance, Change Detection City modelling Asset mapping Flood modelling Land slide monitoring Power line survey Clearance mapping
Training provided :7 days

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Supplier Information
  • 3D Laser Mapping

  • Ranch House, Chapel Lane - Bingham
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland



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