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NOAS (Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar)

Product Name:NOAS (Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar)
Product Desciption:An important aid to vessel navigation and collision avoidance, Sonardyne’s Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar (NOAS) images the seabed ahead of a vessel to detect potential underwater hazards. Using sophisticated bow-mounted transducers, NOAS displays water depth, sub-surface obstacles and features by creating an accurate 3D model of the underwater environment. The model is displayed relative to the vessel, overlaid on nautical charts in real-time, providing the crew with an easily interpreted image of the underwater topography the vessel is passing through.
Year of initial development:
Receive array length [m]:
Receive array width [m]:
Receive array height [m]:
Transmit array length [m]:
Transmit array width [m]:
Transmit array height [m]:
Receive array weight in air [kg]:
Transmit array weight in air [kg]:
Sonar Details 
Max. depth [m]:50
Min. frequency [Hz]:
Max. frequency [Hz]:70
Typical range [m]:1500
Minimal detectable range [m]:75
Max. number of beams:
Min. horizontal beam width [deg]:
Max. horizontal beam width [deg]:180
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:
Min. pulse length [µs]:
Max. pulse length [µs]:
Max. update rate [Hz]:
Range resolution [m]:
Min. DC power [V]:
Max. DC power [V]:
Min. AC power [V]:
Max. AC power [V]:
Max. power consumption [W]:
Data Processing 
Data processing software:
Operating system:Windows 7
Minimal hardware requirements:
Data storage capacity [Gb]:
External data storage options:
Interface options:
Motion correction:
Other specifications 
Carrier options:AUV, ROV, vessel
Mount options:
Connector options:
Main applications:Navigation and obstacle avoidance Optional intruder detection capability

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