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StrataBox 3510

Product Name:StrataBox 3510
Product Description:The StrataBox HD TM is a portable high-resolution marine sediment imaging instrument capable of delivering 6cm of marine sediment strata resolution and bottom penetration of up to 100 meters. It is designed exclusively for inshore and coastal geophysical marine survey up to 800 meters of water depth.
Product type:
Components to be used in combination with product :
Year of initial development:2007
Application:High Resolution
Max power consumption [W]:16
Power type:DC
Transducer weight [kg]:3.0
Transducer length [m]:0.360
Transducer width [m]:0.360
Transducer height [m]:
Weight of logging unit [kg]:9.0
Length of logging unit [m]:0.150
Width of logging unit [m]:0.340
Height of logging unit [m]:0.300
Portability of logger:Portable
Mode of operation 
Platform type:Pole Mounted
Operating System:Windows
Min. depth of operation [m]:
Max. depth of operation [m]:800
Min. frequency [Hz]:3500
Max. frequency [Hz]:10000
Signal composition:Dual Frequency
Power output [W]:1000
Max. resolution [m]:0.060
Max. penetration [m]:100
Max. pulse rate [Hz]:10
Max. pulse length [s]:0.00024
Dynamic range [dB]:110
Heave corrected:
Pitch corrected:N
Roll corrected:N
Data Processing 
Data displayed :Layer Depth; Thickness; Classification
Main use:Shallow water Geophysical
Data output :Sampled Seafloor
Data output for seafloor classification:Y
Connections:LAN, Printer
Internal logging:Hard drive
Post-processing:Hypack; Sonarwiz Map; Triton SB Logger
Integration in work process 
Remote operation:Y
External heave input:Y
External roll input:N
External pitch input:N
External positioning input:Y
Marking of events:Y
Real time coupling to survey software:Y
Coupling to post-processing software:Y

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Supplier Information
  • SyQwest

  • 222 Metro Center Boulevard - Suite 1
  • RI 02886 Cranston
  • United States of America



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