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SeaExplorer Glider

Product Name:SeaExplorer Glider
Description:The SEAEXPLORER vehicle moves through the water by varying its buoyancy, resulting in very long endurance and stealthy actuation.It resurfaces regularly to transmit information back to the operator including its GPS-position, scientific data and internal parameters.
Length [m]:2
Width [m]:0.25
Height [m]:0.25
Min. weight of AUV in air [kg]:59
Max. Weight of AUV in air [kg]:59
Crane required:N
Maximum payload [kg]:8
Maximum depth rating [m]:700
Number of thrusters:2
Thruster specifications:Thrusters are optional
Hovering capabilities:Intrinsic
Min. turning radius [m]:20
Launch and recovery system: upon request
Max. speed [kn]:1
Min. crew size :2
Min. required number of surface computers:1
Required size of storage room:
Other requirements:
Navigation and Payload 
Navigation sensors - standard:Compas, IRIDIUM Modem, GPS, Altimeter
Navigation sensors - optional:
Payload sensors - standard:CTD(Sea-Bird); DO(Sea-Bird); Chlorophyll (WetLabs); CDOM (WetLabs); Turbidity (WetLabs); Hydrocarbon (ALSEAMAR); Methane (Franatech); Sewage & Pesticides(ALSEAMAR); Acoustic Recorder(ALSEAMAR); Altimeter; ADCP (Nortek);
Payload sensors - optional:Lisst, Nitrate (SUNA), PCO2, Ph, Micro Plastic, Turbulence Upon request
Total energy content [Wh]:Rechargeable Li-ion
Nominal battery power [W]:
Endurance at nominal power [hr]:2 Months
Battery swap possible:Y
Recharge time from empty [hr]:24
Telemetry and Control 
Acoustic telemetry:Y
Acoustic baud rate [bit/s]:
Radio telemetry:Y
Radio baud rate [bit/s]:
Max. Baud rate of ethernet connection [Mb/s]:
Data sent to the surface:Navigation and payload data can be downloaded when the glider is surfacing
Control parameters sent to the AUV:New commands routes
Emergency recovery procedure:Autonomous Drop-weight Locator Pinger Argos
More information 
Applications:Oceanography & Science Pollution Detection Water Quality Monitoring Marine Mammals Assessment Oil & Gas
Distinguishable features :Rechargeable Lithium batteries Large interchangeable, wet & dry, payload sections All internal actuators (Leak-safe) and wingless design Large ballast volume (1L) 2 Independent CPU Open-source Firmware (Linux/C++) Ballast: 1L (+/- 500cc) No External Moving Parts User-Friendly Piloting Software
Commercial Options:

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