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Solstice Multi Aperture Sonar for AUVs

Product Name:Solstice Multi Aperture Sonar for AUVs
Product Description:Solstice is a Multi Aperture Sonar (MAS) designed for Search, Classify and Map (SCM), Mine Counter Measures (MCM) and hydrographic AUV operations with integrated swath bathymetry. It has been tailored for AUV operations providing ultra-high resolution imagery both across and along the track of the AUV. With an along-track resolution of 0.15°, the imagery produced by Solstice is considered to be of the highest quality possible from a side-scan sonar. It offers full dynamic focus across a wide area, 200 metre swath. The images are designed to be of the highest quality possible from side-scan sonar. Solstice aids vehicle operators make better decisions and improves results from Computer Aided Detection and Classification (CAD/CAC).
Year of introduction:2012
System Description 
System type:Integrated
Mode of operation:Single frequency
Location of digitation:Antenna
Transceiver and recorder 
Model name:Solstice
Min. AC power [V]:
Max. AC power [V]:
Min. DC power [V]:
Max. DC power [V]:
Power consumption [W]:18
Data processing and imaging capabilities:The fundamental technologies include: Multi-path Suppression Array Technology (MSAT), Dynamic focusing, Multi-Ping Multi-Look (MPML) and Real-time Array Calibration (RTAC) Side-scan and bathymetry data is processed onto waterfall or mosaic displays, either in a post processing stage or in real time
Standard system interfacing capabilities:Support for Solstice Waterfall Format (SWF) and Triton XTF format. Mosaics generation using the KML format. Compatible with leading post-processing software packages. Contact Sonardyne for more information.
Generation of firing trigger:Software and Hardware trigger options
Model identification:Not available - intended for AUV use only
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Max. depth rating [m]:
Transducer type and material:
Materials used:
Fish height from seabed determination method:
Deployment methods:
Depression technique:
Cable and winch 
Type of Cable supported:Not available - intended for AUV use only
Max. length of cable [m]:
Winch type recommended:
Operating frequencies 
Min. frequency [kHz]:725
Max. frequency [kHz]:775
Min. pulse length [µs]:1000
Max. pulse length [µs]:1000
Source level [dB] :220
Max. range [m]:100
Min. beam width [deg]:0.15
Max. beam width [deg]:0.15
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:80
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:80
Min. depression angle [deg]:7
Max. depression angle [deg]:12
Max. horizontal resolution [cm]:2.5
Max. vertical resolution [cm]:10
Max. operating speed [kt]:6
More information 
Application:Shallow water operations including: Mine Counter Measures (MCM), hydrography, cable/pipeline surveys, geological/geophysical surveys, channel clearance, salvage, search and recovery.
Distinguishable features :Low power, large swath, high resolution

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