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SBE 911plus CTD

Product Name:SBE 911plus CTD
Description:The SBE 911plus CTD is the primary oceanographic research tool used by the world’s leading institutions, providing 24 Hz sampling with an SBE 9plus CTD Unit and SBE 11plus V2 Deck Unit . The 911plus system provides real-time data collection over 10,000 meters of cable (single- or multi-conductor electro-mechanical sea cable, slip-ring equipped winch, and computer for data display and logging supplied by user). The 911plus is easily integrated with an SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler for real-time or autonomous auto-fire operations. The 911plus’ pump-controlled, T-C ducted flow minimizes salinity spiking caused by ship heave and allows for slow descent rates without slowing sensor responses, improving dynamic accuracy and resolving small scale structure in the water column. One Conductivity and one Temperature sensor (fitted with TC Duct and constant-flow pump) are included. An optional second (redundant) pair of T and C sensors and pump can be easily installed. The 911plus supports numerous auxiliary sensors with eight A/D channels.
Year of Initial Development:1980
Weight in air [kg]:29.00
Weight in water {kg}:
Diameter [mm]:30
Length [mm]:100
Housing material:
Max. cable length [m]:10500
Min. operating power [V]:
Max. operating power [V]:
Battery type:alkaline or Nicad in optional Searam battery pack
Battery duration [hr]:12
Max. depth [m]:10500
Max. pressure [bar]:1050
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:
Pressure, temperature and conductivity sensor 
Pressure sensor:
Type of pressure sensor:
Resolution of pressure [% FS]:0.001
Uncertainty of pressure [% FS]:0.015
Accuracy of pressure sensor:
Temperature sensor:
Type of temperature sensor:
Min. temperature [°C]:-5
Max. temperature [°C]:35
Resolution of temperature [°C]:0.0002
Uncertainty of temperature [°C]:0.001
Accuracy of temperature measurement:
Conductivity sensor:
Type of conductivity sensor:
Max. conductivity [S/m]:7
Resolution of conductivity [10^-3 S/m]:0.04
Uncertainty of conductivity [10^-3 S/m]:0.3
Accuracy of conductivity measurement:
Min. depth increment [m]:
Min. time increment [s]:
Resolution of salinity [psu]:
Uncertainty of salinity [psu]:
Min. sound velocity [m/s]:
Max. sound velocity [m/s]:
Resolution of sound velocity [m/s]:
Uncertainty of sound velocity [m/s]:
Additonal sensors 
Standard sensor:Conductivity; Temperature; Pressure
No. of additional sensors:9
Description of additional sensors:dissolved oxygen, pH, fluorescence, PAR, light transmission, optical backscatter, and other voltage-output sensors, plus optional RS-232 sensor
Data and connectivity 
External recorder required:N
Direct data reading:
Internal memory:
Internal Memory [MB]:
Type of internal memory:
Max. number of samples for self-recording [10^3]:1333
Dedicated surface data logger:
Dedicated sub-surface data logger:
Telemetry link to remote location:
Software specifications 
Software name:Seasoft
Graphical presentation:Y
Raw data editing:Y
Re-computation with raw data:Y
CTD Probe controller:Y
Recording with third party software:
Operation characteristics 
Data display on dedicated hardware:
Display of analogue data:Y
Method of first recording:
More information 
Distinguishable features :Used by leading oceanographic institutions; known for performance; reliability; ease-of-use; 24Hz sampling.

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