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DIDSON 300m SV (Standard Version)

Product Name:DIDSON 300m SV (Standard Version)
Product Desciption:
Year of initial development:2003
Receive array length [m]:0.310
Receive array width [m]:
Receive array height [m]:
Transmit array length [m]:0.170
Transmit array width [m]:0.170
Transmit array height [m]:
Receive array weight in air [kg]:20.0
Transmit array weight in air [kg]:7.7
Sonar Details 
Max. depth [m]:300
Min. frequency [Hz]:1100
Max. frequency [Hz]:1800
Typical range [m]:30
Minimal detectable range [m]:1.000
Max. number of beams:96
Min. horizontal beam width [deg]:0.50
Max. horizontal beam width [deg]:0.80
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:1.00
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:28.00
Min. pulse length [µs]:4.5
Max. pulse length [µs]:144.0
Max. update rate [Hz]:21.0
Range resolution [m]:0.0025
Min. DC power [V]:12
Max. DC power [V]:36
Min. AC power [V]:
Max. AC power [V]:
Max. power consumption [W]:25
Data Processing 
Data processing software:DIDSON Data Software
Operating system:Windows XP, Windows Vista
Minimal hardware requirements:PC with ethernet card
Data storage capacity [Gb]:8
External data storage options:to HD capacity
Interface options:NSTC Video display option
Motion correction:Forward and rotational
Other specifications 
Carrier options:AUV, fixed, ROV, vessel
Mount options:simple T mount; pole mount; tripod
Connector options:Impulse MHDG-16-BCR
Main applications:security; inspection; oil and gas; surveillance; fisheries

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Supplier Information
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  • 11010 Northup Way
  • 98004 Bellevue
  • WA
  • United States of America



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