How Can I Add or Edit My Products? 


Step 1 – Create an account

It is necessary to set up a company account in order to edit and/or add product information. If you do not yet have an account, please request one by sending an email to You will then receive an email containing an activation link which will direct you to the website. Simply enter your name and create a password, then click ‘Register’ to go to the Suppliers Dashboard:


 Step 1


Step 2 – Login (next visit)

Go to and click ‘Login’, or use the direct link: Enter your email address and password. 

Step 2 

Forgotten your password? Reset your password via the website and confirm the change by email. 


Step 3 – Edit Company Information

First of all, please check and/or complete your company information such as address, telephone number, fax number and website address. Once everything is correct, click ‘Save’ to save the details.

Step 3 

 A normal company profile looks like this online:


Step 6


Step 4 – Add and/or Edit your products

You can view and edit your company’s product details via the dashboard. Click, on the right hand side, ‘Add new product’ to add new products to

Select the relevant category for the new product and enter the product’s name. If your product does not fit any product category, your product can not (yet) be listed. 

Then proceed to enter information about the product as follows: 

step 5 

Please upload an image measuring 450x300 pixels and provide product details as shown. To enable products to be compared correctly and to maintain the website’s high standard of quality, it is important to fill in all the boxes.

Geomares will then receive notification that a product has been added. We will check your submission and activate the product for online viewing. This will take max. 1-2 working days. 


Step 6 – Boost your visibility

Stand out amongst the others and support your company profile and product information with a Basic, Premium or Pro package. These packages offer you additional extras such as a company logo, product brochures, product videos and an extended supplier profile. 

Moreover, since your visibility will be higher throughout the website, you’ll be noticed sooner and viewed more often. And as a further bonus, your company and products will receive extra exposure in our regular newsletter updates (circulation: 37,000 industry professional).  

If you would like more advice on how can fit into your marketing strategy, download our Info Sheet 2016


For example, a company profile supported by one of our packages looks like this: 

Step 7



Step 7 – Logout

Logout when you have finished entering information. Your entry/changes will be visible after just a few minutes (except for new products, which need to be activated by Geomares). 



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